Saturday, June 7, 2008

Turkey Meatballs

I have been getting a lot of pressure from all of my loyal readers to post some new material. The public has spoken and I have answered. I decided to post my first very own food entry. It was dinner time and Traveling Tummy was making her "Bread Beginnings" entry. Instead of trying to forage for additional food in her fridge , a dangerous proposition, I decided to make something from scratch.

(photo and painted pottery courtesy of TT)


1 lb Ground Turkey
2 Eggs
1 Can crushed tomatoes
Some Onions
Some Garlic
Medley of herbs and spices


In a small pot, add the can of crushed tomatoes together with onions, garlic and random herbs/spices that you find in the cabinet. Leave on medium heat.

Haphazardly add into a mixing bowl the ground turkey, egg, onions and again a bunch of random herbs/spices.

Form various sized balls and drop one at a time into the small pot.

Cover pot and cook for 20 - 25 minutes.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Other Side - What You Don't See

Hello everyone. I apologize for not having any new posts for awhile, it was certainly not due to a lack of material. Traveling Tummy has come a long way with 10+ new posts since my last entry. It even seems TT has some loyal readers now, every new comment on the blog requires a triumphant announcement and celebratory cheer.

Yesterday was a little amusing as TT's mother is in town for the first time since the start of the blogging monster. I think because of the new found blogging success as mentioned above, TT was not prepared to revert back to a sous-chef role. Needless to say, while the two were cooking there were a lot of sharp out bursts from TT along the way.

Getting back to my post, this entry was inspired by the desire to give full disclosure. There are two sides to food preparation, the actual cooking, but just as importantly the cleaning.

(Guess what the blogging monster was doing at the time)

Here is a small sample of what you don't see in TT's blog. In case you are wondering, no that is not TT in the picture. Just remember everyone, without clean dishes, pots, pans and utensils there wouldn't be any cooking!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Morning Blogging

Welcome to my blog and my very first post. As a pre-requisite to reading my blog, I suggest that you first take a look at Traveling Tummy's blog.

As you can see, Traveling Tummy (TT) is a very active blogger and was the inspiration for my blog. Since TT started blogging about a week ago, she has become what I like to call the blogging monster. For example, this morning the batteries in her digital camera died out before she could take a picture of the banana stuffed french toast that she prepared. Upon discovery of the situation, she immediately started to yell at me to find more batteries and wouldn't let me go near the food. I found some batteries on the window sill, we tried them in the camera and they too unfortunately were dead. I knew about brand new batteries that were in the apartment that were reserves for another electronics device. I grabbed a few of those and gave them to TT. She inserted the batteries and went to turn on the camera, it started to load up so I got hopeful that she would be able to take the picture and I can finally eat! Instead, she got impatient and removed the batteries before giving the camera a chance to fully load. She then demanded that I find more batteries, which I did. She tried the latest batteries and the same thing happened, except luckily the camera fully loaded right before she took the batteries out. Finally, she was able to take a picture of the french toast and I was able to eat the luke warm french toast!

After the meal, it was then very important that the blog be updated for the new meal. Instead of doing some fun Sunday activities such as running or biking, or some arguably more important tasks such as her taxes that are due in a few days, she was blogging.